1 Sullivan Place

1 Sullivan Place

This eight-story mixed-use development designed by Workshop DA Architecture is located on a quiet block wedged between the MTA S shuttle tracks and Franklin Avenue, just north of Empire Boulevard, which marks the border between Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The building hosts medical offices on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. 
The structural system is cast-in-place reinforced concrete two-way slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns and bearing/shear walls. Madsen Engineering also designed the Support of Excavation for the site and obtained approval from the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

Our Work

ADDRESS: 1 Sullivan Place, Brooklyn, NY 11225

DESCRIPTION: Permits have been filed for a 12-story apartment building at 1 Sullivan Place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Amenities: Below-ground parking and other amenities

Units: 54 units , 8 story

Architect: Walter C. Maffei Architect